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Nurseries: Where kids go to play and learn

Playing is much more than just having fun. It is how children develop their imagination, dexterity, emotional well being and other important abilities they will need as adults. Environments such as nurseries stimulate children to explore the world and their own abilities through playing.

Children are naturally curious. In the process of learning how to interact with the world and what exactly they are capable of, playing is crucial. Repetitive activity is also important for kids at an young age to assimilate what they have learned. This constant activity and experiences created to ensure the best learning process are exactly what nurseries do best.

Best activities

Allowing children to explore both indoor and outdoor areas and activities are a way to expand their world and their curiosity. Take this into consideration when choosing a nursery. Putting kids in contact with nature helps them form healthy habits as they grow, understanding the importance of protecting the environment. Collecting things such as twigs and stones also helps children understanding shapes and textures. Trying out sports and other physical activities is also an important aspect of a child’s education. Physical activities help children develop their body skills and dexterity.

Activities such as playing with clay, blocks, water and sand are important in the development of hand/eye co-ordination and manual dexterity. On the other hand, having contact with art, music and role playing activities help to stimulate imagination and creativity.

Playing is so important to the development of children that it is considered a right for every child according to the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights. So, whenever your kid says all they did at the nursery was play, rest assured it was a productive day.

National Nursery Recognition Awards

Nurseries that offer a diverse set of activities and promote organised play sessions are doing an excellent job. If your local nursery is worried about providing the best playing experience to children, nominate it for the National Nursery Recognition Awards. Entries close on September 7th.



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